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If you are under investigation or charged
with a crime, you need representation
by an experienced lawyer immediately.
Selecting the right attorney can mean
the difference between suffering
conviction and/or confinement
and your freedom.
is a California State Bar criminal law specialist with twenty five years experience representing both youth and adults in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lisa’s understsanding of the law provides a unique perspective on what society can do to improve the lives of children and adults enmeshed in the criminal justice system.

Lisa is also a cofounder and CEO of Legal InCite, LLC, a California State Bar certified continuing legal education provider. Legal InCite, LLC produced the ‘Legal InCite Talk Show’, broadcast Saturdays over CNET Radio stations in San Francisco and Boston. The Legal InCite Talk Show is the only continuing legal education program broadcast over commercial radio.

Involved with many non-profit organizations, Lisa is a past president of Planned Parenthood Alameda/San Francisco (now Planned Parenthood Golden Gate) as well as the San Francisco Court Appointed Special Advocates (SF CASA).

A native of Riverside, California, Ms. DewBerry earned degrees from the University of San Francisco and University of San Francisco School of Law.
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